Do I have any proof?

You could say that I have kept myself busy since the last time I wrote something here. Anyway, two things have accrued to me. First of all, I have absolutely no interest in cheating anyone, my project should be completely valid, and build on valid data! Therefore, I just started to conduct a study, in line with the gold standard principles: Double-blind premise; Randomized control trial; Placebo group; Multiple pre measures (in order to pick up on any kind of pre fluctuation). My goal is to gather real empirical support for my hypothesis. As I said: I have no intention to fool anyone, and sell you something that doesn’t work. Since I don’t have any results to report today, I can tell you this: not a single customer has complained since I opened the site in February. Of course, this is not a solid argument for my treatment plan, but it is something to chew on, until I can present some real empirical data. And second, I added a FAQ.

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