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Five Swedish males participated in my study and tried my treatment plan for eight days in a row, age reached from 21 – 46 years old. All of the participants completed one pre measure (seven days before they received the treatment plan in order to pick up on any fluctuations), one measure before the treatment began, and one when they completed the program. All of the participants where “self-diagnosed”, which means they could identify with my own story and had similar experiences and symptoms as those listed on the site. In fact, one statement in the survey stated just that: “I can identify with David’s story”. All but one participant answered this statement with a 7 (max score was 7). To measure pain and symptoms I used a survey with questions like “my pain never disappears.” The statements were graded from 1-7 on a scale. Other questions in the survey stated: “my symptoms effect the way I feel”, “I often get pain”, “I have felt pain in the last seven days”, “I can’t stand my pain”. There were 21 statements, age and years of suffering excluded.


The mean score on most of the statements connected to pain and symptoms went down 4-5 points on the 1-7 scale after the treatment plan was completed. For example, “my pain never disappears” went from 6 (before the treatment) to 2 points after the treatment. The survey indicates that after the participants completed the treatment plan they felt fewer symptoms, no, or trivial pain, and their symptoms no longer effected how they felt about themselves or life. The survey also suggests that the participants found a sense of control over their pain, and this in turn led to lower anxiety and less pain and milder symptoms.


But I like you to know that this was a small study, only five participants! And the study was made in Sweden at a time when spring transited in to summer. This means higher temperature, and higher temperature often means milder pain and less symptoms for prostatitis. Most people think that the winter period is the worst for prostatitis. So, we can’t be sure of what actually caused these results, even if they are really good. So, to sum up: the study suggests that the treatment plan is working for other people besides me, but the study is too small to draw any conclusions from, and took place in the spring/summer, which indicate confounding variables. For that reason, I will launch a new project; with additional participants next year. I’m still thirsty for results!

These quotes are from emails I recieved after the study was finished.

“Wow, it feels much better! No pain or symptoms as before. Some moments I have felt the sensation of a golf ball inside the anus, but only 1/5 of what it used to be. It has gone so far that I do not even think of the symptoms anymore. I’m so happy for every moment”

“I used the plan yesterday for quite some time. It really makes a difference. I can feel it afterwards, the protocol really targets the area that otherwise feels sore and painful”

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