Results from a new survey!

Statistics and improvement: A new survey

I’m proud to present some additional evidence for my treatment plan and hypothesis! About 150 emails went out a couple of months ago in order to gather some statistics: my question was simple, is the plan effective or not? I assembled a survey with five questions, 1) “I read and could identify with David’s story” 2) “I experienced the symptoms described by David” 3) “I understood and completed the treatment protocol as described” 4) “The treatment protocol helped me get better” 5) “I would recommend others to use the protocol” Only 20 percent of the former customers replayed. All the questions went from 1-7 on a likert scale. Three people answered that they didn't get any relief out of the plan and that they would not recommend the plan at all to anyone else. About half of the participants answered that they found relief in the treatment plan and that they would recommend it to others. About one-third of the group found strong relief and became completely fine, these participants strongly recommend the plan to others. As before, the plan seems to work very fine for about a third, fine for almost all, and very bad for a few people. So, there is still no guaranty that the plan is 100% sufficient. More than two-thirds of the group that reported fine or bad results also reported that the plan was hard to follow and asked for complementary instructions and support. I followed up with a discussion and gathered some feedback in order to make the plan easier to follow and complete. The updated plan contains additional instructions, images, and details in order to help everyone complete the plan. If this plan was rated as a product on Amazon, on a five-digit scale, it would place itself in 3,8-4,1. So, obviously, there is additional work to be done. I hope my new updated plan will render better results. I plan to revive it with a new survey in the beginning of 2018. And I also plan a live workshop to help people in Scandinavia.

Here are some comments from the survey:

"It was really a change for my life when I start the treatment. Thanks for the help. A friend from México"

“It was hard to do but I managed to do it for 10 days. It didn't cure me but it did help convince me that my problems were entirely physical and muscle related.”

“Probably one of the best techniques out there but very difficult to do for long periods without some training first.”

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