Results from 2018!

I have been following almost a 100 clients who purchased the new updated manual in the fall of 2017 in order to land on some reliable results and properly understand how the treatment plan works. Since my last survey, I've been updating the manual and reviewing results and strategies in order to make the treatment more successful and efficient. Something I archived! The protocol is now better, and stronger than ever, and with a little work, it renders results. Almost all of the participants I followed for several weeks got excellent results: strong pain relief, and relief from the sensation or urge to urinate all the time. It seems that the work I put into this finally landed me on something I've been waiting for. I can truly say, if you have tried all of the conventional treatment, and nothing works, my plan is definitely something for you. Almost 85% of the results were good to great. Only a few participants reported unsuccessful results. Mostly due to problems with completing the plan. 88 of 100 participants would recommend others to use the plan in order to get relief.

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